We are friends, colleagues, flatmates…and funnily enough, OPPOSITES. We are nothing alike. Apart from we are blonde. And like wine. So pretty basic too.

To cut a long story short we met in college doing fashion and textiles and then bonded over   a few nights out at Lava Ignite in Preston, a couple of heartbreaks and those dead sound Fanta Frozen things from Vue Cinemas on Orange Weds. You know where you can get two diff flavours. One in each side. What are they called now. Tango Ice Blasts. 100% sure we once tried to fill one with vodka and take it out in Preston. Such innovative youths.

We took it in turns acquiring degrees so we could take advantage of 6x years of student lyf. Beth went first and did photography in Leeds, then when we were 21 I got involved with a Classics degree in Liverpool. And now here we are. We figured this little project would be a better way to manifest our talents in photography and writing than photoshopping ourselves skinny for Insta or drafting long winded opening gambits for boys on Tinder.





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