The UgPad triumvirate is completed by Gav, our palm tree. I don’t actually know if he is a legit pedigree palm tree but he looks like one so I’m calling him one. He is the result of 1x hungover trip to Ikea where our heads fell off and we forgot about buying essential kit for the house and left carrying a tree and wondering how to fit it in a Mini. (His head had to go out the sun roof)

The naming ceremony of Gav took place at the second window of a macdonalds drive through. Whoever served us our nuggets was going to share their name. The first person was called Robyn and we decided this was a shit moniker for our newest addition so we pulled up to the second window with trepidation and HOPED the hand that delivered us nuggets was attached to the limb of somebody with a cool name. COME THRU, GAV.


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