Movies & Duvets Part.1


We watched a film about a crazy bald bitch who was thought to have Altzheimers but really she was possessed by the spirit of a demon that killed birds in their first menstrual cycle. Quite a lot to take in there really. Absolutely no need for the menstrual cycle thing. Never see a film about a spirit that kills little Jew lads when theyre due a bar mitzfah. (if there is actually one then somebody pls aware us cos we will get involved with that). Obviously she became follicularly challenged really quick and ended the film bald. Gotta look the part hasn’t she. Can’t even remember what this film was called but I’m not after taking Barry Norman’s job anytime soon so I’m not even gonna bother Googling it.

The  second film we stepped into the ring with was The Shining. Now, this was not my first rodeo with this film and I was fairly certain everyone in the world knew of it but I happened to be watching it with two people who had never seen it and thought it was pants. No accounting for taste is there. Pretty sure it’s widely accepted as one of the greatest horrors ever produced but whatevs. Soz Kubrick you get a thumbs down from Beth and Da Baby.

We fucked up with snacks for this particular movie night, completely forgot the acoustics that come as part and parcel of necking a bag of chilli heatwave Doritos.


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