See you next door, bring your straw!

Look at em.

Impromptu nights yield the best lols, usually. Something about no expectations and spontaneity. Helps if you’re dead sound and funny too though.

We have spent all night burrowed in a corner of Distrikt bar, achieving the zenith of our productivity with blogging and photoshopping, but it is a long standing truism that no two white girls can withstand 2x bottles of pinot without falling into Oporto on their way home. So here we are.* Onto bottle #3 and we have befriended the two lively little characters in the header pic. I don’t know how this happened because Britney doesn’t actually feature too heavily in Oporto’s repertoire, but we’ve formed a three piece Britney tribute band with one half of the pissed couple we’ve befriended. Straw microphones and all. Don’t worry I’m cringing too. Luckily for the other revellers in Oporto, this collaboration was an ephemeral unity and our girl band folded when Sally* decided to go solo and take her tribute on tour. I hope the other associates of the Call Lane Monday Club enjoyed you as much as we did.

We have lol’d our heads off this morning remembering that we put the blog on the fella’s phone last night, so when he opens his internet explorer the first thing that’s gonna pop up is this. Hope you enjoy this write up as much as we enjoyed your marital banter. Also, if you do happen to view this then we would like to extend our most sincere apologies because we did not see you next door, or bring our straws, as promised. Something about having a Mac out at the bar makes you retain some form of responsibility, so it was a no from us with regards to continuing the night.

*I’m finishing this off the morning after so the here we are bit is redundant now. Nobody is bothered tho

*100% sure this isn’t her name but I can’t fucking remember it so we’ll roll with Sally. Apologies for the ignorance, plssss get in touch and aware us of your names if you do read this.





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