Tinder Escapades

Ryan and the night I was the worlds shittest mate.

Xmas bae of 2016 was 1x nice boy called Ryan. Beth and I collided with his little squad on Mad Friday in Leeds after a week or so of graft. When I say graft, I mean the laziest effort possible from a boy which mainly consisted of “get to ours”, so I wasn’t keen because there was nothing diff about it so I wasn’t actually arsed if this acquaintance didnt develop into a meet. My memory is hazy but I think we did loads of club necking and then decided to sneak away to his mates flat. I have NO IDEA why i did this but when Beth nipped to the toilet my drunken logic dictated that she had gone home so I picked up her bag which contained EVERYTHING, her coat and her phone and her keys and purse and went away to shag Xmas bae. Which left Beth running round Call Lane in hysterics because she had nothing. Couldn’t even get into her flat because I had her keys. Couldn’t get back into Call Lane Social because I had her ID. Couldnt even ring me to ascertain my location because I had her phone. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee-magine the fucking panic.

Luckily she accosted a few people on Call Lane and got them to ring her phone/fb message me and when I’d finished having my hip taken off we reunited and Beth was so relieved to have all her possessions back she wasn’t even mad lol.

Defo lent some credence to the namesake of mad Friday then. SORRY FOR THE HASSLE YOU DIDNT NEED xoxoxox



If anyone is paying REALLY close attention you will notice an inconsistency with the dates in one of those screenshots. Did the same thing again on NYE lol. But I left the front door unlocked this time X




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