Despite living AND working in the same establishments, separation anxiety when we are apart is a legit thing. So days off together are coveted and precious. One of these was bestowed upon us on Friday 10th February. Big up Martin.


We enjoyed soup at the Roundhay Fox (click here for our official 600g soup reviews) (but don’t actually click because we haven’t done anything with this yet) after Tropical World so much so, we decided to return. Something about that fire. Makes you feel dead sleepy and content and like world peace is defo gonna happen. Or is happening. Or will come from the fire. Fuck me how is something so primitive so captivating. Srs if you haven’t been near an open fire anytime soon then source one ASAP. They’re a game changer.

Stagnating in front of a fire is fun but we are 2x 25 year old birds full of youthful exuberance so we required an afternoon activity that would alleviate some restlessness. ANYONE WITH A DOG, COME THROUGH.

Luckily for us Da Baby has a labradoodle called Charlie who was more than happy to collab on a dog walk/swim/tree climb. So off to Roundhay Park we went, unbeknownst to us we would be sacrificing all feeling in our extremities for the sake of 1x quest for a few IG worthy pics and the temporarily alleviation of debauched feels. The thing with dog walks and all activities of that ilk is that they seem really cute and zenny and Attenborough-y until you realise you’ve not dressed for the weather and your hands are FREEZING. But the dog is having fun swimming in sub zero temperature swamp water trying to snap a swans neck so you have to soldier on and cheer its efforts with the doggy paddle. Go ed Charlie.




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